Iconic Beaudesert church in need of $100k repair

A SMALL group of people stood in the shadows of St Mary’s Church on Monday and reminisced about their favourite memories there.

Looking up at the church as they spoke, they recalled weddings and christenings and family celebrations, and passionately discussed why the church deserved to sparkle as brightly as it once did.

The grand old church still stands as tall as it did the day it opened on September 15, 1907, but on the outside St Mary’s is beginning to show its age.

The community has noticed, and is currently in the early stages of trying to raise the $100,000 it will cost to completely repaint the outside of the church.

In a strange twist of fate, the small group of people standing outside St Mary’s had just attended a funeral for Patrick Moran, the last person to paint the church some time in the 1990s.

Longtime parishioner Jack Egan said St Mary’s was and still is the essence of Beaudesert.

“It’s just a focal point for the entire district, it’s been here for over 100 years and almost everyone in the community has attended something here.”

Parish finance manager Margaret McGrath said St Mary’s Church was an architectural wonder, and much more than just a church.

“Its architecture is phenomenal, there’s very little holding that roof up, it’s just the way it’s structured on the top,” she said.

“We’ve got such a wonderful and historic building here, and we really need help from the wider community to get the funds to paint it.”

The church community has several events planned to raise money for the church, including a special one-night-only concert with Beaudesert-born musician Rick Price on April 23.

Mr Price, who shot to the top of the international charts with hit song Not A Day Goes By, grew up in Beaudesert and attended St Mary’s Catholic Primary School.

A small number of tickets are still available for the Rick Price concert, which is being held at St Mary’s Hall.

To donate to the church renovation call 5541 1068.

To purchase tickets visit www.trybooking.com

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