How to grow your small business with digital advertising

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SMALL and medium sized businesses are embracing digital marketing like never before.  Evidence suggests this type of campaign can be hugely successful as they target the audience the business wants to talk to, said Joel Brewer, Head of Channel Sales, Fairfax Marketing Services (FMS).

“We are a digital marketing organisation that helps small and medium enterprises throughout the country improve their digital footprint.

“We help them get online, be found and help small businesses compete in the digital world through our partnership with Google,” Joel said.

Video testimonial from a FMS customer Milligan’s Shower Screens in Forster NSW.

As part of the Google AdWords Premier SME Partner program, FMS is handpicked to offer AdWords expertise and experience to small & medium businesses in Australia.

Being a Google AdWords Premier SME Partner is a big tick for Fairfax customers, as Premier SME Partners meet Google’s highest standards and criteria for qualification, transparency, and customer service. Guided by this expertise, small and medium businesses can maximise the value and performance of their campaigns.  

FMS customer Milligan's Shower Screens in Forster NSW shared their experience.

“It’s a great story. Sue Cannon, who is one of our digital specialists around the country, met with the customers. They didn’t have a digital footprint and they were looking to grow their revenue stream.”

Joel explains FMS built them a website as well as a whole suite of things.

By effectively using Google Adwords, FMS was able to turn the customer’s business around significantly.

“Their business grew 30 to 40 per cent. They saw a really strong return for their investment and for them it has been amazing,” Joel said.

“I think the quote they use is ‘Christmas came early’.”

Joel adds this type of advertising doesn’t necessarily need to be a significant investment.

“It’s more that we put you in contact with your perfect customer, matching buyers to sellers.”

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