Scenic Rim farmers look west for feed

BEEF producer Warren Drynan is moving half his stock from Running Creek, south of Brisbane more than 500 kilometres west for food as his paddocks dry up.

Mr Drynan is shifting 750 of his 1500 head of cattle to Jackson, in the drought declared shire of Maranoa, because there is more grass there than in his local paddocks.

He sold 800 acres of his Running Creek property to finance the 9500 acre block at Jackson, near Roma.

Mr Drynan and his team have been working hard loading cattle onto trucks to get 500 cows to Jackson by today (March 19), with plans to have all 750 head there by the end of the month.

It is not a first for Mr Drynan, who shifted cattle in the 2007 and 2002 droughts, but he said the current situation at Running Creek was serious.

"It's either this or sell them through the store sales, and we wouldn't get much for them there," Mr Drynan said.

"We've hit a brick wall and at the moment, the Running Creek valley would have to be the driest valley in the shire.

"It's the middle of March and we're not getting much rain, and when that happens you know jolly well you're not going to get much feed going into winter."

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